Orthopedic Services

Specialization allows to practice the most advanced minimally invasive techniques and stay at the forefront of orthopaedic technology.
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Orthopedic Services


rom medical diagnoses and treatment to expert surgical care, Dr. Zubair Mirza among the most respected in Karachi, Pakistan.
He will diagnose your problem and recommend the treatment plan that is best for you and your lifestyle.

Two of the most advanced treatments available in few places in Europe and USA are available here. These are PRP and Stem cells Treatments for various joints, muscles, leg injuries, nerve injuries, non-healing ulcers, bed sols, burns, severe from atric injury to limbs. Most of the treatment procedures are non-surgical and some with minor surgeries.
The results for joint arthritis are excellent specially for those who come early during the disease process for treatment. Moderate to advanced disease of the joint also respond some degree this latest treatment patient can have relatively.
This procedure based what requiring hospital admission and largely pain-free. There are virtually no side effects. Treatment is cost-effective as opposed to surgical treatment.
PRP and Stem cells treatment is now world established with thousands of videos and articles available at internet which can be looked by any patient. For the convenience of patients some articles and videos are available in this website.

For comprehensive orthopaedic care in the Clifton, DHA area, call at (+92) 353-74361, 353-74371-5 or (+92) 353-44201-2 or request an appointment online.


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