Whether rightly or wrongly, each of us often having obsession to lose weight from breecheslose weight from buttocks , lose weight from belly , sometimes even lose weight from arms !

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There is less talk of the face … and yet, many are also those who feel that their face is too round and would like to lose cheeks or reduce their double chin.

The face is the first thing which a person you meet notices for the first time . It usually reflects your age, your state of health and your weight. Much more expressive than one might think, your facies reveals many things and can also reflect your discomfort in terms of weight. There are, however, several solutions that can help you lose weight. Here are some tips to apply and help you find a shining / glowing face.

Face and weight: the different parts that come into play

The neck

The neck often exposes what we seek to hide, the wrinkles are installed first on the neck before attacking the face. When we gain weight it is usually around the neck.

Losing fat from the neck can be interesting, certainly aesthetic, but also for your health. Indeed, when fat accumulates in this part of the body, the air can have more difficulties to clear a path. People with large necks are often subject to snoring and sleep apnea. These two problems put your sleep at risk and therefore your recovery. Lose weight from the neck will allow to reduce the phenomenon of snoring and prevent sleep apnea.


The forehead is a part that in essence contains little fat but when you tend to store fat there, it may cause an unsightly falling glance.


Some people tend to store fat in the cheeks, giving them a baby air that may displease them. It is true that too big cheeks can give a slightly inflated air (according to the words of people with large cheeks). Wanting to refine your cheeks can allow you to see your cheekbones.

The eyes

The eyes or more particularly the eyelids can store fat. Excess fat in this area quickly gives you a heavy eyelid effect, rather unsightly. This will tend to give you the illusion of a drooping eyelid that may displease you. Lose your eyelid can give your eyes a boost.

The chin

The famous double-chin (or even triple-chin for some) is usually the favorite fat storage place of the body. As soon as we take a little weight, we tend to see a heaviness at the level of the underside of the chin. Alas, no one is spared from this scourge because it affects men as well as women. With age we tend to store more fat in the chin.

As a result, reducing the double-chin will give you a facelift very easily.

Simple exercises to lose weight of the face

You want to lose a few pounds and thus refine your face? Exercise twice a week to burn off unnecessary calories. Also remember to monitor your diet: balanced meals, low in fat and stopping nibbling are often the key to thinning … including the face! Also remember to practice some exercises of facial gymnastics to firm the muscles of the face and to stretch the skin.

– To refine your cheeks: make a face! With your mouth closed, lift your lips to touch the tip of your nose. Keep the pause for about 15 seconds and repeat a dozen times. Then, with your mouth shut, suck your cheeks. Keep the position ten seconds and renew at least five times. With these two movements, your cheeks are visibly deepened, the muscles are toned and the oval is redrawn.

– To lose the double-chin: stand straight, chin up, head slightly backwards. With the mouth closed, slide your lower jaw forward. Hold the position for about ten seconds, then renew at least five times.
Another tip: Chew a gum about 10 to 15 minutes a day. These two exercises stimulate the muscles of the neck and thus make the double-chin disappear.

– To chew food well during meals: Chewing involves the work of more than 50 muscles in all, not just the jaw but the entire face. So for your face, know that masticatory exercise helps tone your muscles, prevent their relaxation and therefore delay the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, one study has shown that longer chewing – about a minute – reduces calorie intake regardless of how much food is in the stomach.